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Clients wearing masks to help protect themselves from the coronavirus wait to use ATM machines outside a closed bank in Beirut, Lebanon.

(AP Photo/Hassan Ammar)

Analysis & Opinions - Lebanese Center for Policy Studies

The Twin Crises and the Prospects for Political Sectarianism in Lebanon

| Apr. 04, 2020

LCPS solicited the opinion of key experts to answer one question: “Will the financial crisis, exacerbated further by COVID-19, strengthen or loosen the power of Lebanon’s governing political parties?” 

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Analysis & Opinions - American Political Science Association

The Ethical Challenges of Field Research in the Syrian Refugee Crisis

| Apr. 16, 2019

The Syrian refugee crisis has displaced more people than any conflict since the Second World War and garnered a great deal of attention among researchers from numerous disciplines. In political science, scholars have conducted field research around the crisis on a wide range of topics including the dynamics of activism and protest within and outside of Syria; host community sentiments and behavior toward Syrians; the response of host states; Syrian refugees’ challenges and responses, including strategies of service access and Syrian community problem-solving; consequences and challenges of the large-scale immigration of Syrians; and Syrians’ attitudes, framing, perceptions, and narration of the conflict.