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Proposed route for ethanol shipments would move the highly flammable liquid on these MBTA train tracks through Kendall Sq. in Cambridge, Mass.

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Dangerous Cargo: Action Needed on Hazardous Materials

| June 13, 2013

"The threat of terrorism complicates matters even further. In April, two men in Canada were arrested for plotting an attack on rail lines near Toronto. In the US, homeland security officials have warned that shipments of hazardous materials are an attractive terrorist target."

Derry Township Police Chief William D. Smith uses a photo during a news conference, July 6, 2006, to explain the contents of several chemical tanker cars that derailed near Hershey, Pa. 14 families and several businesses were evacuated.

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Discussion Paper - Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School

Rail Transportation of Toxic Inhalation Hazards: Policy Responses to the Safety and Security Externality

| February 2010

Toxic inhalation hazard (TIH) chemicals such as chlorine gas and anhydrous ammonia are among the most dangerous of hazardous materials. Rail transportation of TIH creates risk that is not adequately reflected in the costs, creating a TIH safety and security externality. This paper describes and evaluates policy alternatives that might effectively mitigate the dangers of TIH transportation by rail. After describing the nature of TIH risk and defining the TIH externality, general policy approaches to externalities from other arenas are examined. Potential risk reduction strategies and approaches for each segment of the supply chain are reviewed. The paper concludes by summarizing policy options and assessing some of the most promising means to reduce the risks of transportation of toxic inhalation hazards. Four policy approaches are recommended: internalizing external costs through creation of a fund for liability and claims, improving supply chain operations, enhancing emergency response and focusing regulatory authority. It is further suggested that the Department of Transportation convene a discussion among stakeholder representatives to evaluate policy alternatives.

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Seeds of Disaster, Roots of Response: How Private Action Can Reduce Public Vulnerability

| September 2006

Seeds of Disaster, Roots of Response ... describes effective and sustainable approaches — both business strategies and public policies — to ensure provision of critical services in the event of disaster.

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Journal Article - Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci.

Social Capital: The Key Element in Science-Based Development

| December 18, 1996

This conference explores ones of the several paths to development, a path in which scientific institutions play a significant role. In order to gain some insight into the importance of science in the development process, whether in highly industrialized societies or in those that are still struggling, it may be useful to explore some examples. Let us begin with two technical giants: the U.S. and the U.S.S.R.