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Presidential Candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

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Ignoring the Debt Problem

| October 21, 2016

Together, the two of us have 179 years of life experience and 13 grandchildren. We have served presidents of both parties. We have seen more campaign seasons than we care to count — but none as strange as this one.

A specialist studies his screen as he works on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

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A Little Inflation Can Be a Dangerous Thing

| September 19, 2011

"IN all the commentary about Ben S. Bernanke’s recent speech in Jackson Hole, Wyo., little attention has been paid to six crucial words: in a context of price stability." writes Paul Volcker, former chairman of the Federal Reserve and member of the Belfer Center's International Council. "Those words concluded a discussion by Mr. Bernanke, the Federal Reserve chairman, of what tools the central bank could consider appropriate to promote a stronger economic recovery."

Marijuana plants seized by police in Lenawee County's Rome Township are seen Tuesday, June 7, 2011, at the Michigan State Police post in Adrian, Mich.

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A Real Debate About Drug Policy

| June 11, 2011

"The global war on drugs has failed, with devastating consequences for individuals and societies around the world."

That is the opening sentence of a report issued last week by the Global Commission on Drug Policy. Both of us have signed on to this report. Why?

We believe that drug addiction is harmful to individuals, impairs health and has adverse societal effects. So we want an effective program to deal with this problem.

President Barack Obama speaks about financial reform, Thursday, Jan. 21, 2010, at the White House in Washington. From left are, Christina Romer, Timothy Geithner, Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., the president and Paul Volcker.

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How to Reform Our Financial System

| January 31, 2010

"What we do need is protection against the outliers. There are a limited number of investment banks (or perhaps insurance companies or other firms) the failure of which would be so disturbing as to raise concern about a broader market disruption. In such cases, authority by a relevant supervisory agency to limit their capital and leverage would be important, as the president has proposed."

Paul Volcker, chairman of the President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board, leaves the White House in Washington, Wednesday, May 20, 2009, after a meeting with President Barack Obama.

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Moral Hazard and the Crisis

| June 16, 2009

We can, and we should, take steps to limit the need and possibility of official "bailouts." One approach would be to set clear policy limits to access to the "official safety net." Deposit insurance and central bank liquidity facilities are properly confined to deposit-taking institutions. It is, after all, those institutions that remain the backbone of the financial system. They provide basic essential services, meeting the needs of households, businesses and other institutions for credit, for a safe and liquid repository for their funds, and for both everyday and complex payment services.