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"Biden makes suprise visit to Ukraine before heading to Poland for invasion anniversary"

| February 20, 2023

U.S. President Joe Biden spent five hours in the Ukrainian capital on Monday, meeting President Volodymyr Zelensky and even taking a stroll through the streets of Kyiv – despite the sound of air sirens – to visit The Wall of Remembrance, which displays portraits of the approximately 4,500 Ukrainian soldiers who have died since Russia annexed Crimea in 2014.

The trip was kept under a media blackout until a few hours after Biden’s arrival, with the president’s official schedule only saying he would fly in the evening to Warsaw for a planned visit. The New York Times reported, quoting an anonymous official source, that Biden arrived in Kyiv early this morning after making the same 10-hour long journey from Poland that every world leader visiting Ukraine since the start of the war has.

Image of Ukrainian soldiers in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

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Enabling an Economic Transformation of Ukraine: Recovery, Reconstruction, and Modernization

| Jan. 10, 2023

The aim of the report is to focus specifically on the critical role of private sector investment in Ukraine’s economic reconstruction, and how the private sector, both within Ukraine and internationally, can enable Ukraine to win the peace. It provides a short overview of the economic challenges facing Ukraine, including governance, the sectors that will be critical to Ukraine's reconstruction, the roles and responsibilities for the G7, EU, IFIs, and DFIs, and then recommendations for how Ukraine and its partners can best attract private sector investment.

Ukrainian military analysts on Friday near Bakhmut, in the country’s east, reviewing videos obtained by drone operators.

The New York Times

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Digital Will Drive Ukraine's Modernization

| Jan. 10, 2023

Technology will play a crucial role in that process. Since 2014, Ukraine has been at the forefront of the digital revolution through a journey marked by strength, adaptability, and success.  Digital transformation transcends and affects all economic sectors in Ukraine. Digital solutions have been applied in a wide range of sectors including banking and finance, agriculture and food production, and energy, to cite a few. In that regard, digital transformation is key to a well-functioning society, affecting democratic participation, education, and public services.

Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan and President of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev sitting in the Oval Office.

Smithsonian Museum

Presentation - Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

"The Peacemaker: Ronald Reagan, the Cold War, and the World on the Brink"

| Dec. 08, 2022

A conversation hosted by the Woodrow Wilson Center featuring Ambassador Paula J. Dobriansky and Dr. Melvyn Leffler for a discussion on the role that U.S. President Ronald Reagan played in the peaceful end of the Cold War. 

Former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell.


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Colin L. Powell Embodied the American Dream

| Oct. 21, 2022

Colin L. Powell was a great American. A brilliant soldier, statesman and patriot, he devoted his life to public service, and he cherished the United States, his family and his many friends. While acknowledging America’s challenges, he drew inspiration from its noble purpose and promise. “America remains the last best hope of Earth,” he said in his 1994 Howard University commencement address “You are its inheritors, and its future is today placed in your hands.” The trajectory of his life—from humble beginnings as a Jamaican immigrant’s son growing up in the Bronx to the highest levels of government—is a true American dream. 

U.S. President Joe Biden in Cambodia for 2022 Asean Summit.


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Former Singaporean Ambassador to the U.S. Discusses Russia’s War in Ukraine at Belfer Center

| Oct. 17, 2022

peaking to a full room at the Kennedy School, Chan discussed a wide range of issues, including the politics of sanctions against Russia, China-Taiwan relations, and India’s growing global influence. Chan called for global condemnation of Russia’s threat to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, saying “it cannot just be the West condemning nukes ... It’s got to be a global message,” she said at the event. The discussion was moderated by Ambassador Paula J. Dobriansky,

Mssrs Putin and Xi

The Wall Street Journal

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Rep. Mike McCaul and Amb. Paula J. Dobriansky on Competing with China and Russia

| Oct. 03, 2022

House Foreign Affairs Committee Ranking Member Mike McCaul (R-TX) and Ambassador Paula J. Dobriansky spoke about how the U.S. can better compete against China and Russia on technology and supply chains. Other topics included making changes to improve the defense industrial base, protecting critical supply chain infrastructure, and preparedness for major events like a pandemic.

On the right is Miklhail S. Gorbachev with then Belfer Center Director Graham Allison on the left. With a Harvard Kennedy School JFK Jr. Forum backdrop behind them. 

Martha Stewart

News - Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School

Mikhail S. Gorbachev’s Legacy

Former Soviet leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev, who is known for ending the Cold War, dissolving the Soviet Union, and changing the map of Europe, died Tuesday, August 30. He was 91.

We asked several Center experts for their thoughts on Gorbachev and his impacts – and how his life and actions are relevant to the challenges the world faces today.

A large highway with many shipping trucks struggling to get through

Stephen B. Morton/Georgia Port Authority via AP

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The Market Rewards Companies That Prioritize National Security

| Aug. 12, 2022

Companies that rely on certain countries in Asia for their supply lines will face continued challenges as geopolitical stresses, let alone global pandemics, cause supply shortages. Beyond causing economic harm, these shortages pose a direct threat to U.S. national security interests.