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Les Droits de l’Homme, 1947 - a surrealist painting showing an anthropomorphic chess piece standing on a bridge next to a flaming tuba.

Rene Magritte


Whose Streets? Our Streets! (Tech Edition)

  • Rebecca Williams
| August 2021

This report is an urgent warning of where we are headed if we maintain our current trajectory of augmenting our public space with trackers of all kinds. In this report, I outline how current “smart city” technologies can watch you. I argue that all “smart city” technology trends toward corporate and state surveillance and that if we don’t stop and blunt these trends now that totalitarianism, panopticonism, discrimination, privatization, and solutionism will challenge our democratic possibilities. This report examines these harms through cautionary trends supported by examples from this last year and provides 10 calls to action for advocates, legislatures, and technology companies to prevent these harms. If we act now, we can ensure the technology in our public spaces protect and promote democracy and that we do not continue down this path of an elite few tracking the many. 

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Technology and Public Purpose Fellowship Recap

| June 07, 2021

In September 2020, the TAPP Project welcomed our inaugural class of  Technology and Public Purpose (TAPP) Fellows. During the past academic year, the TAPP fellows conducted research on solutions to the public dilemmas of emerging technology. The research ranged from government technical capacity to autonomous vehicles. 

Audio - Technology and Public Purpose

Fellow Fellow

  • Mark Lerner
| Mar. 10, 2021

Fellow Fellow is a new podcast from Harvard Kennedy School's Technology and Public Purpose project. In this podcast, Mark Lerner, a fellow at the TAPP project, interviews his fellow fellows about their research and perspectives on some of the most interesting challenges at the intersection of technology and society.