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President of Tanzania Julius Nyerere and Chinese statesman ZHOU Enlai, 31-8-1968.

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Seminar - Open to the Public

Security Cooperation and Competition for Influence

Thu., Oct. 27, 2022 | 12:15pm - 2:00pm


Speaker: Renanah Miles Joyce, Grand Strategy, Security, and Statecraft Fellow, International Security Program

This seminar theorizes the problem of influencing security partners under conditions of strategic competition, drawing on evidence from the Cold War battle for "hearts and minds" that played out in Tanzania during the 1960s as Canada and China competed for influence over the development and geopolitical orientation of the Tanzanian People's Defence Forces. The project, which is part of a broader book project, Exporting Might and Right: Security Assistance and Liberal International Order, informs key policy questions about when and how the United States and its allies can influence sovereign and autonomous states in the security domain.

Everyone is welcome to join us online via Zoom! Please register in advance for this seminar: