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a seabird's nest containing three eggs and plastic pollution

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Journal Article - Polar Record

Managing Plastic Pollution in the Arctic Ocean: An Integrated Quantitative Flux Estimate and Policy Study

| Nov. 10, 2023

Plastic pollution in the Arctic marine system is sparsely quantified, and few enforceable policies are in place to ameliorate the issue. In this paper, Dewey and Mackie estimate the flux of plastic through rivers, sea ice, and ocean, and quantify marine plastic pollution from Arctic shipping and fishing. They also examine how a suite of proposed policy interventions would quantitatively change those concentrations.

Map Showing warming as elevation

Woodwell Climate Research Center/Greg Fiske

Announcement - Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School

Arctic Data Stories: Learn Data Visualization and Create Maps for Data-driven Policymaking

| Dec. 08, 2020

Arctic Data Stories will give students with non-technical backgrounds the chance to explore geospatial data and policy, guided by experts from the Arctic Initiative, the Woodwell Climate Research Center, and Esri. The workshop covers topics in data visualization, policy, and ArcGIS software and culminates with student presentations on Arctic-specific policy challenges. Sessions will be held virtually on Fridays from 12–2 p.m. ET on February 5–26 & March 5, 2021. Participants must commit to attending all sessions when applying.

Analysis & Opinions - Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School

Arctic Change: How Do We Know What We Know, and What Do We DO About It?

| June 29, 2020

Focusing on the situation in the Arctic, Drs. Sarah Dewey and Sarah Mackie from our Arctic Initiative will be discussing aspects of climate change in the Arctic, from the production of knowledge to how it can feed into positive policy solutions. They will also share stories of their academic paths and answer your questions about turning research into a career.