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Seminar - Open to the Public

Arctic Climate Week @ HKS

Mon., Nov. 15, 2021 - Mon., Nov. 22, 2021

Join the Arctic Initiative team for Arctic Climate Week at the Harvard Kennedy School! The week will feature events dedicated to understanding the climate impacts in the Arctic and their global implications. Register for Arctic Climate week events here

Arctic Ocean and sea ice.

Photo Credit: Dr. Sarah Dewey

Study Group - Harvard Students

Arctic Initiative Study Group: Ocean Conservation and Policy Innovation

Wed., Mar. 10, 2021 - Wed., Apr. 7, 2021


As climate change rapidly transforms the Arctic, the ocean at its center becomes a point of focus: melting sea ice enables increased marine traffic; ice-dependent species are migrating or dying; fisheries shift and with them economies of subsistence. These changes can mean risk or opportunity for different stakeholders.

This study group will use Arctic Ocean change as a case study to outline the environmental policy process and build participants understanding of how to effectively engage in the climate and oceans policy space. 

To sign-up, please complete this form by Monday, March 8, 2021: https://forms.gle/KYn6nwxr4zq8vnQ98

Photo of the Arctic

Photo Credit: Dr. Sarah Mackie

Special Series - Harvard Students

Apply Now to Join the Arctic Initiative Podcast Series

Sun., Sep. 27, 2020 | 11:59pm


Are you interested in the Arctic?
Do you have compelling thoughts and ideas to share?
If so, the Arctic Initiative at Harvard Kennedy School, invites you to take part in our new student-led podcast series.

Seminar - Harvard Students

Belfer Policy Chats | Arctic Change: How do we know what we know, and what do we DO about it?

Mon., June 8, 2020 | 3:00pm - 4:00pm

Belfer Policy Chats (BPC)  is an event series that features our fellows to chat about issues at the forefront of global policy. The aim is to provide a forum to engage on an informal level on policy topics at the Center around topics such as climate, national security, science and technology, cyber security, innovation, and competitiveness.  Join us for this virtual event.