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University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform

University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform

Journal Article - University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform

Making Democracy Harder to Hack

| Spring 2017 (Volume 50, Issue 3)

With the Russian government hack of the Democratic National Convention email servers and related leaks, the drama of the 2016 U.S. presidential race highlights an important point: nefarious hackers do not just pose a risk to vulnerable companies; cyber attacks can potentially impact the trajectory of democracies.

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How Companies Can Stay Ahead of the Cybersecurity Curve

| Mar. 20, 2017

Companies will need to move away from reactive, defensive approaches to cybersecurity and toward more actively managing risk. That includes a range of technological and administrative shifts, some with financial costs. Cyber Security Project Affiliate Scott Shackelford discusses these shifts and how they might help companies stay ahead of the cybersecurity curve.

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Should Cybersecurity Be A Human Right?

| Feb. 13, 2017

As people use online services more in their daily lives, their expectations of digital privacy and freedom of expression will lead them to demand better protections... Now is the time for businesses, governments and individuals to prepare for this development by incorporating cybersecurity as a fundamental ethical consideration in telecommunications, data storage, corporate social responsibility and enterprise risk management.

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Decrypting the Global Encryption Debate

| October 20, 2016

"As the U.S. Congress considers the appropriate role for the federal government in the encryption debate, policymakers should be mindful of the impact of their actions both within and beyond the United States. To date, the U.S. and Europe are on one side of an Internet governance spectrum favoring the multi-stakeholder status quo with India in the middle, followed by China, and Russia undertaking the most state-centric approach to both Internet governance generally and encryption specifically."

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Zoom Inside: The Case for Cybersecurity Clinics and What They Can Teach Your Firm

| September 26, 2016

"There are many varieties of cybersecurity clinics being tried around the world...but here a cybersecurity clinic may be defined as an interprofessional team of computer science, law, and business students that conduct a supervised cybersecurity consulting project for a client focused on instilling technical, legal, and managerial cybersecurity best practices."