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Public Diplomacy: Ideas for the War of Ideas

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Discussion Paper - Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School

Public Diplomacy: Ideas for the War of Ideas

| September 2009

The United States cannot defeat al-Qaeda by strength of arms alone.  It must also change the terms of debate in the Arab/Muslim world, especially in its radical wing.  How can this best be accomplished?  What strategy should the United States adopt for what is often called the “war of ideas” against radical Islam?

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Book - Tobin Project

How to Make America Safe

| 2006

How to Make America Safe: New Policies for National Security includes papers from the Tobin Project's National Security Working Group. The introduction states: "In order to win the war on terror and make America as safe as it can be, a new national security strategy is required. The seeds of such a strategy are evident in the latest works of eleven of the nation's most eminent national security scholars. They envision a broader war, which combats terrorism on all fronts - not just with military force - and directs our resources and energy toward the gravest threat we face: nuclear weapons falling into the hands of terrorists. As our experiences in Iraq have shown, our current strategy is fundamentally ill-suited to fighting the type of conflict in which we find ourselves.