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4 Ways to Get Phone Service the Next Time a Hurricane Sandy Calls

| December 3, 2012

In the aftermath of a disaster such as superstorm Sandy, two-way communication is essential. People need to be able to receive news and updates, and to request assistance and provide status updates to loved ones. Yet after hurricane Sandy, large portions of New York, New Jersey, and other areas lost their communication systems — their mobile phone network, cable TV, and Internet. Some sought out the last few pay phones as the only equipment that worked. Here are four ways to better prepare our phones and other devices for the next disaster.

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Toward a Common Wireless Market

"With different policies and a focus on interoperability, the FCC can move the wireless industry toward a single interoperable market in which consumers have real choice and flexibility. This truly competitive market is achievable in the near future, and it can be reached with minimal financial and logistical impact on mobile wireless operators...."

Communications & Internet Policy panelists from left to right: Susan Crawford, Ben Edelman, Yochai Benkler, and Jonathan Zittrain.

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Communications & Internet Policy—Panel Discussion

| March 25, 2011

The Communications & Internet Policy panel had a far ranging discussion at Harvard Kennedy School's September 2010 Technology & Governance 2.0 conference on the pressing policy challenges in the Information and Communications Technology space, Topics covered include, IPV4 to IPV6 challenge, competitive pressures in cable vs. fiber optics, Internet Governance, and the problems of Internet advertising.