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The Wilson School is slated for rebuilding in Broadmoor, where the residents decided education should be the central and distinguishing concept around which they rebuild the neighborhood.

Pat Semansky

- Belfer Center Newsletter

New Orleans' Broadmoor is Model for Disaster Recovery

| Summer 2008

Belfer Center Broadmoor Project has developed a strategy in which to effectively deal with natural disaster recovery. Developed while working with the New Orleans neighborhood, Broadmoor, the recently published Broadmoor community recovery guide has been used in other U.S. cities to help communities recover post-disaster.

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- Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center Newsletter

Tribute to Ed McGaffigan: Country Loses Outstanding Public Servant

| Winter 2007-2008

Edward McGaffigan was a model of integrity, ability, and public service, according to Belfer Center Director Graham Allison and Harvard Distinguished Service Professor Joseph Nye. McGaffigan, who grew up in Boston and graduated from Harvard, was also a Kennedy School student (1974-75) and worked closely with Center faculty. He died earlier this month following a battle with cancer.