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Report - Office of Science and Technology Policy

The Strength of the U.S. Commercial Privacy Regime

| March 2014

"The purpose of this paper is to promote a thoughtful understanding of the U.S. privacy regime, and to help begin a discussion that recognizes some of the advantages of the relatively flexible and non-prescriptive nature of the American system, which counts on enforcement and deterrence more than detailed prohibitions and rules..."

Report - Global Governance 2022

Securing the Net: Global Governance in the Digital Domain

  • Puji Abbassi
  • Martin Kaul
  • Yi Shen
  • Zev Winkelman
| September 2013

What will be the shape of the internet in 20 years? The authors explore possible futures in global cyber security governance and recommend a robust set of actions that pave a path forward towards establishing an environment in which a more cooperative form of global cyber security governance could evolve.

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Magazine Article - ProFellow

Pursuing A Cybersecurity Career: 3 Questions With Belfer Center Fellow Vivek Mohan

  • Vicki Johnson
| June 20, 2013

"I met ProFellow Vivek Mohan when he was on the hunt for his next fellowship. Having carved a niche career in cybersecurity and technology policy and research, Vivek pursued a series of fellowships that gave him a wide range of exposure to leaders in public policy, law, government and academia in Washington, DC and beyond."

Blog Post - Technology and Policy

Why the Government Matters: A Primer for Data-Minded Entrepreneurs

| Apr. 16, 2013

Washington can often be the last thing on an entrepreneur’s mind.  And naturally so – the culture of bureaucracy and reputation for being out of touch is the last thing that someone working on the cutting edge of technology wants to think about.  Developing innovative products, especially ones that are data-driven, often requires an out-of-the-box style of thinking that can seem directly antithetical to the lethargic enforcement mechanisms of the government.  But there are many good reasons for those working on the cutting edge to think about the issues that are "top of mind" for law enforcement and regulators during product development - and in Washington, DC, privacy is undoubtedly one of the key issues of the day.