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Permafrost thaw ponds

Wikimedia CC/Steve Jurvetson

Analysis & Opinions - ArcticToday

The Arctic Needs Better Cross-sector Crisis-related Collaboration

| Aug. 06, 2020

Arctic Innovator Jenna Stark recommends closing the crisis-related collaboration gap in the polar region. Greater communication between emergency response specialists is needed both for the Arctic to weather the current coronavirus crisis and also to prepare for and mitigate future disasters, such as assuring food security for remote communities in the event of a wildlife disease outbreak.

Heavy smoke covers the center of eastern Siberian city Chita, Russia

AP/Yevgeny Yepachintsev

Audio - In This Climate

How the Arctic Caught Fire

| Sep. 06, 2019

The World Meteorological Organization labeled summer 2019's arctic and boreal wildland fires "unprecedented." In the first episode of In This Climate, the interviewers explore with scientists and policy experts how and why this circumpolar fire season was so significant and what we can do moving forward.