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Book - Kluwer Law International

The Kosovo Conflict: A Diplomatic History Through Documents

| August 2000

The Kosovo conflict in Spring 1999 brought an unsettling close to the 20th Century, representing both a critical test of post WWII international security structures and a chapter in a human tragedy that is far from concluded. In this volume, the editors have compiled the definitive collection of official, unclassified documents— agreements, speeches, communiques, and statements— surrounding this event.

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Potential Application of Commercial Observation Satellite Imagery for the Verification of Declared and Undeclared Nuclear Production Facilities

| August 1999

Negotiations on a Fissile Material Cutoff Treaty (FMCT) will soon be underway at the Committee on Disarmament in Geneva, and will include detailed attention to how such a treaty could be verified. This paper explains how commercial observation satellites can be effective in verifying that reactors used to produce weapons plutonium in the past are kept in a shutdown status under a cutoff treaty or moratorium. The satellites considered are the new-generation satellites with fine spatial resolution images in the visible and near infrared band complemented by thermal infrared images with lower-spatial resolution but good temperature resolution. These satellites can also contribute to the detection of undeclared nuclear-reactor sites and suspicious construction activities.