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Is Africa on the Cusp of a New Era of Sustainable Mining?

Sep. 11, 2017

The mining industry in Africa is gaining momentum. Rising commodity prices like gold and copper are creating a more stable environment; and exploration has returned.

Combined with a greater level of regulatory oversight and new mining laws in some countries, these factors indicate that the mining industry in Africa may be on the cusp of a period of sustained growth.

Regulatory oversight has significantly improved in some parts of the continent. In the east, Kenya’s government unveiled a progressive new mining act in 2016, which forms part of its 20-year mining strategy, aiming to attract 20 major mining companies.

In addition to simplified permits (for small scale operations) and licenses (larger scale), prospecting restrictions have also been removed.

The Act also spells out important sustainability and environmental policies; which include technology transfer, local equity participation, labour laws and incentives on local investments.

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