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Is America Retreating Into Uni-solationism?

| June 25, 2018

Recent Trump administration foreign-policy decisions ‘a strange mix of unilateralism and isolationism,’ one French diplomat says.

By Gerald F. Seib

François Delattre is a French diplomat, but he knows the U.S. well, having served as France’s ambassador to the U.S. and consul general in New York before taking his current job as its ambassador to the United Nations.

So it is worth sitting up and taking notice when he says that what he sees now in American foreign policy spells trouble, for America’s relations with its allies, and even, potentially, for peace in the world.

The U.S., he says, has moved into a “Jacksonian moment,” a throwback to the populist attitudes of President Andrew Jackson. Recent Trump administration foreign-policy decisions—including the imposition of tariffs on imports and retreat from the Iranian nuclear deal—illustrate “a strange mix of unilateralism and isolationism that I would name ‘uni-solationism,’” he says.

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