Attacks in Pakistan, Afghanistan Highlight Instability

| June 09, 2008

Xenia Dormandy, Director of the Project on India and the Subcontinent, was interviewed for The News Hour with Jim Lehrer on June 9, 2008 regarding instability along the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Regarding the current state of affairs in Pakistan, Dormandy said, "Yes, there is a coalition government. Yes, they are in conflict with one another . . . But they do appear to be moving forward." She addressed the challenges facing the Pakistani people and the options available to the coalition government.

Dormandy argued that the Pakistani government must set priorities as it seeks to improve security, stating, "There's no question that . . . a broad cross-section of Pakistan believe that security is a fundamental problem to Pakistan today and a growing problem to Pakistan."

Click here to view the transcript of the program, which was broadcasted on PBS.

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