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The Axis of Resistance Threat to Israel

| Oct. 31, 2023

Despite Israel’s immense military supremacy, the conventional capabilities Iran and the “axis of resistance” have amassed constitute an existential threat to its security.

Hamas’s October 7 cross-border raid landed Israel in its worst strategic surprise in half a century and ignited a crisis with the makings of a regional war. Already now, Israel and the Lebanese Hezbollah are engaged in the most serious escalation since the 2006 Lebanon War. And while both are carefully trying to keep the fighting below a certain threshold, the conflict will inevitably escalate further as Israel’s operation in Gaza proceeds. Both Israel and Hezbollah are already mobilized for war. Israel has evacuated dozens of border communities, including the city of Kiryat Shmona. Tension and uncertainty are high, as is the risk of miscalculation. 

Whether or not these developments ignite an all-out conflagration between Israel, Hezbollah, and the entire Iranian-led “axis of resistance,” or remain relatively limited, the gravity of the situation is clear. Nowhere is this more evident than in the fact that in the immediate wake of Hamas’s raid, the United States deployed the USS Gerald R. Ford and Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier strike groups to the region, as well as troops and other major assets, in an active attempt to deter Iran and Hezbollah. Nowhere is the severity of the current crisis more evident than in the unprecedented military and diplomatic mobilization of the United States. 

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