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Behold the New Emperor of China

| Oct. 16, 2017

Xi Jinping is the most powerful leader since Mao, and he is set to hold power for as long as he wants.

The Chinese Communist Party’s 19th Party Congress will convene Wednesday to select leaders for the next generation. Few events will have greater impact on the shape of world politics.

The script for the Party Congress hasn’t been revealed, but I am betting that Xi Jinping will not only be “re-elected” to a second five-year term as the party’s general secretary and China’s president, but also that he will effectively be crowned China’s 21st-century emperor.

Every member of the seven-man Politburo Standing Committee will be a reliable Xi loyalist. Among them will be Mr. Xi’s closest associate, Wang Qishan, who spearheaded Mr. Xi’s anticorruption inquisition. That campaign rewrote the rules for doing business in China and restored a sense of fear (of jail) among party cadres and the moneyed class.

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