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Belfer in Brief

Summer 2012

A New Digital Conductor for the Belfer Center

The Belfer Center has a new digital communications manager. Arielle Dworkin joined the Center in March from Questex Media Group, where she was a web producer managing the online presence for numerous clients. A Boston University graduate, Dworkin brings a wide array of digital communications expertise to the center including digital design, web development, content strategy, multimedia production, and a strong foundation in digital marketing. In her first weeks at the Belfer Center, Arielle has already introduced several innovations.

Elbe Group Calls for Increased Cooperation Between U.S. and Russia

At a time when rhetoric from the United States and Russia has become increasingly combative, a statement by a group of retired U.S. and Russian military and intelligence leaders is especially significant. The Elbe Group, organized by BG (ret.) Kevin Ryan, the Center’s executive director for research, said in April: “Unlike the Cold War era, our mutual desire to achieve strategic stability today can be realized with less emphasis on the use of military force. The use of any force today, let alone nuclear weapons, is disproportionate to the existing or potential issues in U.S.-Russia relations. This concept should be reflected in the military strategies and doctrines of both our countries."

Yea or Nay: A Second Term for President Obama?

On April 26 Elaine Kamarck, a lecturer in public policy at the Kennedy School, served as a team leader at a debate at the storied  Oxford Union, Oxford University. The two teams, Kamarck’s and Andrew Rosindell's, a British MP and vice-chairman of the Conservative Party, debated the merits of whether or not President Obama deserves a second term, with Kamarck arguing the affirmative and Rosindell arguing against. The debates are a long-standing tradition at Oxford, having been held continuously since 1823 when the Union was first founded. The Oxford Union has been called "the world’s most prestigious debating society," and in past years has hosted the Dalai Lama, Henry Kissinger and Winston Churchill. Kamarck's side won by a landslide 178 to 89.

Memorial for Founder Paul Doty

Paul Doty, who founded the Belfer Center in 1973, passed away on December 5, 2011, at 91 years old. On May 4, a memorial service honoring Doty was held at Memorial Church in Harvard Yard. Attended by family, friends and colleagues of Paul, the service paid tribute to his memory and many achievements, which included founding Harvard University’s Biochemistry Department as well as the Belfer Center and the quarterly journal International Security, helping prevent nuclear war between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, and mentoring numerous students, many of whom now hold senior positions in government and academia.

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