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Belfer Center at IDEASpHERE 2014

Fall/Winter 2014 - 15

Belfer Center at IDEASpHERE 2014

Incisive questions and ambitious answers marked Harvard Kennedy School’s IDEASpHERE celebration in late spring. Belfer Center thinkers shared their big ideas in more than a dozen sessions, ranging from China's rise to nuclear weapons.

Below is a sampling of notable thoughts from those sessions. For more, including summaries and video highlights, see belfercenter.org/ideasphere2014.


“We’ve moved from a position where energy was our Achilles heel to a position where actually we’re now able to talk about energy being a real strength.”

—Meghan O’Sullivan


“We had a cyber Pearl Harbor: His name was Edward Snowden.”

—Ashton B. Carter


“I’m convinced that Iran would have nuclear weapons today if it wasn’t for the efforts of the U.S. and its allies since Reagan...”

—Gary Samore


“Clearly, the defining challenge for the rest of our lives will be the rise of China and the Chinese-U.S. relationship.”

—Graham Allison


“There was a hotline between Washington and the Kremlin. There is no communication between Jerusalem and Tehran.

—Amos Yadlin


“Let me tell you the number one priority in China. It’s the preservation of the Communist Party. And economic reform is a means to that end.”

—Robert Zoellick


“Terrorist organizations do not possess the skills and technology needed to carry out a large-scale cyber attack today, but might one day in the future.”

—Joseph S. Nye


“I am struck by the fact that...the most effective, successful leader in the world in the last year has been Xi Jinping.”

—David Ignatius


For more ideas and videos from Belfer Center at IDEASpHERE, see here.

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