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Carter: Shaping Change for Good

| Summer 2018

Disruptive technological change cannot be stopped, but it can—and must—be shaped for overall human good. 

This semester, I joined forces with Frank Doyle, Dean of the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, to launch a Faculty Working Group on Technology for Governance and Governance for Technology tackling this issue.

This title, and the ideas our group has embarked upon, were inspired by Harvey Brooks, a pioneer in the intersection of science, technology, and policy. Harvey famously conceived of this intersection in two parts: "science for policy" and "policy for science." The former refers to the application of scientific and technological knowledge to help solve public sector problems. The latter refers to making policies that govern and advance scientific research and technical development.

Over four months, faculty from across all of our schools at Harvard and MIT came together to address digital platform integrity, ethics in the biotechnology revolution, autonomous vehicles, labor market shifts, and finally, digital government. 

The future requires that we apply our knowledge in the service of civic duty and public purpose. The brightest and most creative problem solvers seek the hardest and most interesting problems. Our Boston community is in a unique position to influence these developments and we will continue to convene this group in the fall semester. In the tradition of this great national technology and public hub, we have a historic opportunity to invent practical solutions, engage and convene leaders, and train and inspire a new generation.

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