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Center Welcomes National Security Fellows

| Fall/Winter 2018-2019

Harvard Kennedy School’s National Security Fellows Program made the official transition in June from its base within the School’s Executive Education division to the Belfer Center.

“For a quarter century, the National Security Fellows Program (NSF) has been one of Harvard Kennedy School’s crown jewels,” said Belfer Center Co-Director Eric Rosenbach. “The men and women who enroll in this rigorous program greatly enrich our learning environment, and we’ve been proud to help strengthen their capacities to serve the public good.”

Led by William Rapp, the NSF Program is a 10-month postgraduate fellowship for military officers and civilian officials who show the potential of rising to the top leadership positions in their organizations. U.S. military officers from all the uniformed services and civilian officials from the intelligence community and the federal government come to Harvard for their “senior service college” year.

While the Belfer Center has always worked closely with Executive Education to support the National Security Fellows, transitioning them to the Center will facilitate interactions with an expanded community of Belfer Center-based practitioners and scholars in security-related and other critical areas of national and international affairs.

During the 2018-2019 academic year, 18 National Security Fellows are taking part in the program.

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