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A Climate Hawk's Modest Wish List for 2022

| Jan. 13, 2022

I’ve come to accept three truths: Every year for the rest of my life will be the most important year for climate action. Every policy to reduce emissions and build resilience is critical for the future economy and our wellbeing. Every year I’ll be disappointed in the policies that never materialized.

That does not, however, keep me from imagining what policies and government actions could and should happen year to year. As the climate crisis accelerates and political frustrations mount in the new year, 2022 is no exception.

Congressional inaction

The new normal for climate policy is that a stalemate in the Senate will prevent crucial legislative climate actions, particularly during a midterm election year.

I am neither a Democrat nor Republican, but as an American who understands the climate emergency we face, I am profoundly disappointed with lawmakers standing in the way of urgent measures necessary to protect the economy, justice, health, and safety. This should not be a partisan matter, but for some reason the Republican Party, with the help of a Democrat or two, has deemed it so, and seems bent on bringing America to its knees.

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