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Dear President Trump, Let's Talk About Iran

| June 24, 2019

An open letter to the U.S. president on how to deal with the Islamic Republic—and his own administration.

Dear President Donald Trump:

We've never met, and given that you're not much of a reader, I doubt you even know who I am. But maybe—just maybe—someone on your staff will bring this letter to your attention.

I'm writing because your Middle East policy, and especially your policy toward Iran, seems really confused at the moment, and I'd like to help you out. I'll try to use small words—the best words!—the same way you do whenever you tweet or when you speak at those big rallies of yours.

Just between us, Mr. President, you made a mistake when you tore up the nuclear deal with Iran. I still wonder if you actually understood its provisions because you seem to get a lot of things wrong whenever you talk about it....

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