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Ex-Pentagon Official: Trump Failed to Prevent Iran's Entrenchment in Syria

  • Yonah Jeremy Bob
| Mar. 09, 2018

So respected is Michèle Flournoy that she not only was presumed to be Hillary Clinton’s secretary of defense in waiting, but was also offered the No. 2 position by Trump’s Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis.

While she declined the offer, she may still ascend to the top Pentagon job – which would make her the first woman in that position – if a Democrat wins the White House in 2020.

That, along with her years of Pentagon experience dating back to the Clinton administration, make it important to follow her views of the security issues confronting Israel and the US.

Flournoy, who rose to No. 3 at the Pentagon in the Obama administration, is quite capable of professorial- level nuance, but she can also make headlines.

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