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Executive Program Fosters Regional Innovation

Spring 2012

In the modern global economy, nations do not compete; it is specialized regions that compete, according to Calestous Juma, faculty chair of the Innovation for Economic Development executive program.

To help countries strengthen their regional innovation systems, the Belfer Center will join Harvard Kennedy School’s Executive Education in sponsoring a high level executive program beginning May 28.

This year the program will focus on how to foster innovation in industrial clusters, science parks and entrepreneurial ecosystems.

“To give the theme a technological context,” Juma said, “we will explore how advances in medical technology can help foster regional competitiveness in industrial countries, emerging markets and developing countries.”

This flagship program on innovation was launched in 2006 and has nearly 500 alumni around the world providing leadership in a variety of high-level positions.

“Some of our alums are now cabinet ministers,” Juma said, “responsible for science, technology, energy and transport in countries as diverse as Costa Rica, Jamaica, and Malaysia.”

The executive program will be followed by an international conference on innovation for development that will celebrate the contributions of Austrian economic Joseph Schumpeter to development thought.

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