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Former Deputy Secretary of Energy Daniel Poneman Named Senior Fellow

| Fall/Winter 2014-15

Former Deputy Secretary of Energy Daniel B. Poneman joined the Belfer Center in October as a senior fellow. Poneman, who served as deputy secretary from 2009 until early October of this year, was responsible for the full range of President Obama’s all-of-the-above energy strategy, including fossil and nuclear energy, renewables and energy efficiency, and international cooperation around the world.

During his tenure, Poneman led negotiations to address Iran’s nuclear program, played an instrumental role in the Department of Energy response to crises from Fukushima to Hurricane Sandy, and headed the Department’s efforts to strengthen emergency response and cybersecurity across the energy sector. As chair of the Credit Review Board, he supported expansion of clean power generation and advanced vehicles. His efforts supported all of the President’s Climate Action Plan—cutting carbon pollution in America, preparing the U.S. for the impacts of climate change, and leading international cooperation to support the first two pillars.

“Dan Poneman brings a wealth of experience in energy and national security issues,” said Belfer Center Director Graham Allison. “From the rise of renewables and shale gas and tight oil in America, to the threat of nuclear materials and climate change, energy issues are increasingly at the center of today’s most pressing policy questions. Dan is uniquely qualified to help the Belfer Center answer them. His exceptional experience across a range of energy and national security disciplines is a major asset to the Center’s growing contribution to this field.”

“I am delighted to be returning to Harvard,” Poneman said. “With such diverse talent, the Belfer Center is the ideal place to think through the profound energy transformation under way in the United States, and its implications for our security, our economy, and our environment.”

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