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Graziano's Five Major Challenges

| July 4, 2011

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José Graziano da Silva, FAO director-general-elect, will need to engage farmers, work closely with civil society and win back confidence in the organisation if he wants to tackle global hunger

"The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), the world's flagship agency for food policy, has elected Brazil's José Graziano da Silva as its new head. He replaces Jacques Diouf, who has declared his interest to run for president of Senegal.

Nearly 18 years ago, Diouf inherited an agency starved for funds and bedevilled by patronage. Graziano takes over at a different historical moment. We now have a world food system that delivers hunger reduction for 6 billion people and leaves 1 billion hungry. Unless we find ways to produce more food so that hunger is reduced and the planet's natural resources are properly managed, we may well find ourselves with 3 billion hungry in the 9 billion world of 2050...."

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