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Holdren Outlines Ways to 'Restore Science to Its Rightful Place'

  • Anne Q. Hoy
| Apr. 21, 2017

The scientific community needs to more effectively speak out about the necessity of evidence-based policies, scientific integrity protections and public access to research to defend the role of science, said John Holdren, former White House science adviser, in a speech on the eve of the April 22nd March for Science.

Holdren walked through the policies and initiatives former President Barack Obama set into motion with his 2009 inaugural pledge to "restore science to its rightful place," and laid out what is needed to preserve the capacity of science to advance "economic prosperity, public health, environmental sustainability and national security, among other laudable aims."

Before closing, Holdren took on concerns expressed by some in the scientific community that participation in the March for Science will transform science into "just another interest group," "politicize science" or render scientists as a "group worried about their jobs."...

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