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International Security - Vol. 42 No. 3, Winter 2017/18

Spring 2018

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Can China Back Down? Crisis De-escalation in the Shadow of Popular Opposition

Kai Quek and Alastair Iain Johnston

Would popular opinion prevent China’s leaders from backing down in an international crisis? Responses to a recent survey experiment suggest that Chinese leaders could use several strategies to defuse the public’s bellicosity. Leaders will resist corruption once in power.

Archives and Inference: Documentary Evidence in Case Study Research and the Debate over U.S. Entry into World War II

Christopher Darnton

International relations scholars increasingly rely on primary documents, including those found during archival research. How can they do so most effectively?

Shifts in Warfare and Party Unity: Explaining China’s Changes in Military Strategy

M. Taylor Fravel

Two factors determine whether China makes major changes in military strategy: shifts in the international conduct of warfare and unity of the Chinese Communist Party leadership.

How Civil Wars End: The International System, Norms, and the Role of External Actors

Lise Morjé Howard and Alexandra Stark

Historically, most civil wars have ended with the military defeat of the losing side. In the 1990s, by contrast, civil wars usually ended with a negotiated settlement. What accounts for this anomaly?


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