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This Is Israel's Last Ever Zionist Election

| Sep. 12, 2019

Neither Netanyahu nor his crude, illiberal, annexationist, political arsonist 'friends' comprehend the magnitude of the storm they're about to bring down on Israel's security — and its most foundational ideas

For decades commentators have warned that the politico-military and societal processes underway in Israel pose severe dangers to our national future, and therefore that each of the previous round of elections were nothing less than critical. 

The warnings were prescient, but the future does not happen all at once: it creeps up slowly over time, almost without our noticing — and it has now arrived, big time. 

Indeed, it is questionable whether the enlightened Zionist enterprise can survive four more years of the current trends — and the upcoming elections may prove to be the last chance to save it.

There are six primary dangers....

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