Materials from "A Joint Workshop on IGCC & Co-Production and CO2 Capture & Storage"

May 23-24, 2007

"A Joint Workshop on IGCC & Co-Production and CO2 Capture & Storage" was held during May 23-24, 2007 in Beijing, China. The Ministry of Science and Technology, Energy Technology Innovation Policy at Harvard University, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences co-sponsored the workshop.

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Below are the presentations given, listed in chronological order.

John P. Holdren, Harvard University —  The Motivation for Cleaner CoalTechnologies

Jing Xu, MOST —  IGCC: Sustainable Technology For Coal Utilization

Thomas Sarkus, US DOE —  The Role of the Industrial Alliance in the USA

Iain Wright, BP —  CCS in Europe and USA

Yunhan Xiao,  The National Joint Expert Group for IGCC and Co-Production Demonstration Engineering —  IGCC and Co-Production in China

Qiwen Sun, Yankuang Group —  The Development of Million Tonnes Oils Co-Production System

Yongwang Li, Synfuels China —  Synfuels China and its Development in Advanced CTL Process Technologies

Shisen Xu, Thermal Power Research Institute —  GreenGen: Near Zero Emission Coal Based Power Generation Project in China

Jianling Deng, China Huadian Corporation —  Progress of 200MW IGCC Demonstrative Project

Jianfeng Deng, Dong Guan Power & Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. —  The Demonstration & Promotion of IGCC in Dong Guan

Zhingmin Liu, CAS —  Coal to Chemicals

Ananth Chikkatur and John P. Holdren, Harvard University —  Statusand Progress of IGCC and Co-Production Technology in the UnitedStates

Zhaohui Liu, Huazhong University of Science and Technology —  Status of Oxygen-Fuel Combustion Technology in China

Zhenzhong Li, National Power Plant Combustion Engineering Research Center —  Status of Chemical Absorption Technology in China

Wendong Tian, CAS —  Direct Hydrogen Production with Carbon Dioxide Capture

Robert Williams, Princeton University —  CO2 Capture-Related Activities in US

Jon Gibbins, Imperial College London —  Overview of UK CCS activities

John Bradshaw, Geoscience Australia —  Overall Review of Research Efforts on Carbon Dioxide Storage Internationally

Xiaochun Li, CAS —  CO2 Geologic Storage in China: Potential and Early Opportunities

Aleksandra Kalinowski, Harvard University —  CCS Program and Geological Assessment for CO2 Storage in the US

Dongxiao Zhang, Peking University —  Geological Carbon Sequestration: A Viable Option for Mitigating the Greenhouse Effect

Jianping Ye, China United Coalbed Methane Co., Ltd. —  CO2-ECBM and CO2 Sequestration Technology in Coal Seams of Qinshui Basin, China

John P. Holdren, Harvard University —  What Have We Learned?Insights from the Workshop

CCS Workshop

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