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Michael Flynn’s Downfall: The Russia House

| Feb. 16, 2017

Kremlingate seems new, but historic US intercepts reveal previous Russian agents in the White House

This week saw the first victim fall in the scandal engulfing Donald Trump's White House over its connections with Russia. On Monday, President Trump's embattled National Security Adviser, General Michael Flynn, resigned after just 24 days in office, making him the shortest serving National Security Adviser in US history. Flynn’s resignation raises more questions than it answers, and is likely to be the beginning, not the end, of this scandal—already being termed "Kremlingate" in Washington.

Behind Flynn’s resignation lie much broader, and more significant, questions about Russia’s connections with the Trump White House: did Russia do more than “interfere” in the US presidential election in favour of Trump, as US intelligence previously assessed, and actually collude with his election campaign? Do Russia’s intelligence services hold compromising material on the President of the United States? In other times, such questions would seem like the plot of a far-fetched novel, but they are now legitimate questions to ask....

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