Musharraf Exit May Affect U.S. Plans

| August 18, 2008

Xenia Dormandy, Director of the Project on India and the Subcontinent, was interviewed for National Public Radio's All Things Considered on August 18, 2008.

Dormandy discusses the role that Musharraf has played in the war on terror and the distinctions between his policy and that of the coalition government, including Prime Minister Gilani. She argues that the U.S. must revise its policy towards Pakistan to reflect the country's new political environment.

"We have to realize that Pakistan is a democratic country, and the Pakistani people have their own interests," states Dormandy. "The question here is, how do we meld U.S. policy in a way that actually gains support within Pakistan?"

Click here to listen to the full program on the NPR website.

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