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A New-Old Plan to Save the World … That Has No Hope of Saving the World

| May 26, 2016

Why a big-name D.C.-based think tank's report on U.S. foreign policy is unimaginative, predictably U.S.-centric, and a recipe for failure.

Question: If a well-established set of policies is visibly failing, public skepticism is growing, and promising alternative approaches are beginning to gain a bit of traction in public discourse, what should dedicated defenders of the status quo do? Specifically, given that the grand strategy of liberal hegemony has produced an array of costly failures over the past 20-plus years, how can its proponents head off calls for a smarter foreign policy and persuade the American people to keep trying to run the world?

Answer: Take your Official Beltway Policy Cookbook off the shelf and prepare the following recipe:

Step 1: Assemble a bipartisan group of experienced former officials, carefully chosen for their commitment to the familiar nostrums of "American leadership."...

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