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Spring 2004

"SEDUCTION IS ALWAYS MORE EFFECTIVE THAN COERCION, and many of our values, such as democracy, human rights and individual opportunity, are deeply seductive. But attraction can turn to repulsion when we are arrogant and destroy the real message of our deeper values."

-Joseph Nye, "A Dollop of Deeper American Values," Washington Post (30 March 2004).


"WHILE OPEN TESTIMONY IS IMPORTANT FOR THE AMERICAN PUBLIC, open pontificating by the commissioners is not. That only encourages outsiders to perceive the commissioners as stand-ins for factions in current political battles. It also tempts commissioners into making assessments and conclusions prematurely.

-Juliette Kayyem and Wayne Downing, "From One Commission to Another: Shut Up," New York Times (16 April 2004).


"MANY PRINCIPALS IN MR. KHAN'S NETWORK WERE LEGITIMATE BUSINESSMEN spread through Asia, Europe and Africa. Before entering the nuclear trade, some of these individuals were engaged in producing and shipping computers and high-precision components or in capital investments."

-Micah Zenko, "Proliferation for profit," Baltimore Sun (12 March 2004).


"EUROPEANS VIEW AMERICA'S CONCENTRATION OF POWER like that of a huge corporation with bottomless pockets and an army of lawyers. Much as Microsoft settles lawsuits with large sums of cash only to resume its aggressive business practices, America buys off its allies and opponents alike and then charges forward ruthlessly with its own agenda."

-Grant R. Mainland, "Europe vs. America's Operating System," International Herald Tribune (26 March 2004).


THE HAITIAN BODY POLITIC NEEDS LIFE SUPPORT. Haiti is the poorest and least-well educated nation in the Western Hemisphere. It need not be, surviving as it now does on remittances from Haitians in the United States and Canada. That wealthy and talented diaspora needs to be harnessed for Haiti to prosper, but its devoted members will neither invest nor return if Haiti remains dangerous, crime-ridden, and badly governed."

-Robert I. Rotberg, "To Save Haiti, Aristide Must Go," Boston Globe (8 February 2004).


"THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION MADE A GRAVE ERROR when, reeling from the shock of Sept. 11, it chose to defy its allies. Rather than allowing the March 11 tragedy to sow even further discord among us, now is thetime to band together, including by working together to create a functioning state in Iraq. We need to become as savvy at psychological warfare as is our enemy."

-Jessica Stern, "Errors in Fighting Al Qaeda Have Worsened the Danger," Boston Globe (25 March 2004).


"HOMELAND SECURITY SHOULD BE THE LAST LINE OF DEFENSE. By the time terrorists are transporting weapons of mass destruction in a cargo container to American targets, it will almost certainly be too late to stop them."

-Graham T. Allison, "Is the U.S. Safer Than It Was a Year Ago?" Chicago Tribune (19 March 2004).


"TO DATE,OUR EFFORTS TO COMMUNICATE WITH THE IRAQIS HAVE BEEN INADEQUATE. We have failed to convey to the Iraqis what our intentions are-or have conveyed them belatedly. Consequently, all too many excellent and well-intentioned actions on our part have not gotten through to the Iraqi public."

-James Schlesinger, "The Strong Horse? Failing to stay the course in Iraq would be a provocation for bin Laden," Wall Street Journal (25 April 2004).

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