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"President Trump is Ready to Declare War on Congress"

| Nov. 08, 2018

Cathryn Clüver Ashbrook, Executive Director of the Belfer Center's Project on Europe and the Transatlantic Relationship, spoke with Germany's national public radio Deutschlandfunk about the midterm elections, the current political division in the United States and discussed implications for Donald Trump's presidency.

"From what we have seen in Donald Trump's press conference [on the election results], he is ready to declare war on a Democratic congress," she said in the interview on President Trump's possible reactions on potentially stronger congressional oversight. 

Regarding voter turnout, she called the elections "historic" on account of the large number of 18-21 year old voters who have participated. "That means there might be an entire generation of new Americans who are much, much closer to the Democrats than the Republicans who - as mainly old white men and women - are virtually dying out in the long run."

"What we are seeing now is a new Saturday Night Massacre," Clüver said about Jeff Session's resignation and a possible dismissal of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. "It could get very dangerous for [him] and the Democrats will want to keep these investigations alive, to shed more light on a possible collaboration between a sitting president and an enemy power."

Follow the link to read and listen to the entire interview (in German).

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