Russian Election Watch, No. 2

Harvard''s Strengthening Democratic Institutions (SDI) Project is pleased to present the second issue of Russian Election Watch, a monthly bulletin providing concise, informative, objective analysis of Russia during this critical "year of elections." Barring extra-constitutional disruptions, on December 19, 1999, Russians will elect a new Duma. In June or July, 2000, Russians will vote for a new President. On the current path, Russia will thus enter the next millennium with the first democratic, law-governed transition of power in its thousand-year history. This issue provides basic background on key players in the upcoming elections and the rules of the game. Our upcoming issues will continue tracking campaign developments, adding commentaries from a number of Russia''s own top political analysts. We hope that you find Russian Election Watch useful and we welcome corrections, feedback, and especially suggestions about ways this report can be improved. -- Graham T. Allison, Director, SDI Project

The second issue of Russian Election Watch is available as both a Microsoft Word and PDF document.

Word Format: ElectionBulletin9-99.doc

PDF Format: ElectionBulletin9-99.pdf

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