Russian Election Watch, No. 7

Harvard''s Strengthening Democratic Institutions (SDI) Project is pleased to present the seventh issue of Russian Election Watch, a monthly bulletin providing concise, informative, objective analysis of Russia during this critical "year of elections." On December 19, 1999, Russians elected a new Duma. On March 26, 2000, barring extra-constitutional disruptions, Russians will vote for a new President. On the current path, Russia will thus enter the next millennium with the first democratic, law-governed transition of power in its thousand-year history. We hope that you find Russian Election Watch useful and we welcome corrections, feedback, and especially suggestions about ways this report can be improved. -- Graham T. Allison, Director, SDI Project

The Russian Election Watch Bulletin is available in both Word and PDF formats.

WORD: ElectionBulletin2-00.doc

PDF: ElectionBulletin2.00.pdf

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