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Sulmeyer Heads Center’s New Cyber Security Project

| Spring 2016

Michael Sulmeyer, former director for Plans and Operations for Cyber Policy at the Department of Defense, has joined the Belfer Center as director of its new Cyber Security Project. The cyber project, created by a $15 mil­lion gift from Center namesake Robert Belfer and his family, aims to build a conceptual arsenal to address the ways conflict may be waged and avoided in cyberspace.

“Cyber attacks are among the greatest threats to U.S. national security in the decade ahead,” said Belfer Center Director Graham Allison. “Michael’s experience in working at the senior level of government in addressing these issues will be immensely valuable to the Harvard community.”

Daniel Schrag, director of the Science, Technology and Public Policy Program in which the new Cyber Security Project sits, added, “Michael’s energy and creativity will help guide us in tackling a security challenge that continues to evolve with new technology.”

Sulmeyer joins the Center after working for several years in the Pentagon’s Office of the Secretary of Defense. There, as the senior policy advisor and director, his team worked closely with the military commands on developing cyberspace plans and operations. Earlier, he was a senior fellow with the Defense Industrial Initiatives Group at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. He served previously in government as policy advisor for arms control and strategic stability to the under secretary of defense for policy.

“It’s an honor to join the Belfer Center and to lead the security dimension of the Belfer family’s generous gift,” Sulmeyer said. “So many pressing questions dominate the public discourse about cybersecurity, but often with worst-case doomsday predictions. My goal is to get to ground truth.”

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