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Summer 2017 Belfer Center Newsletter

| Summer 2017

Summer 2017 newsletter coverThe ancient Greek historian Thucydides said long ago that it was the rise of Athens and the fear this instilled in Sparta that led to the Peloponnesian War. Belfer Center Director Graham Allison calls this potential for conflict “Thucydides’s Trap” and warns that in today’s world, the rising China and ruling United States must work to escape falling into that trap and into war. We feature Allison’s studies and upcoming book on Thucydides’s Trap and U.S.-China relations in the Summer 2017 issue of the Belfer Center newsletter.

Also in this issue, we raise an editorial toast to Graham Allison who has directed the Center for 22 years and will hand the director reins in July to Ash Carter and Eric Rosenbach. We highlight a sampling of Graham’s – and the Center’s – accomplishments during his tenure and include tributes from Albert Carnesale, Jieun Baek, Robert Belfer, Ash Carter, Sam Nunn, and Samantha Power.

We are pleased, also, to announce Samantha Power’s return to the Kennedy School and Belfer Center, where she will head a new International Peace and Security Project. Among other new or returning arrivals at the Center: Former Senior Fellow Rolf Mowatt-Larssen who has succeeded Kevin Ryan as head of the Intelligence and Defense Projects and the new Project on Saudi and GCC Security, and former NATO Ambassador Doug Lute, who has joined the Center’s Future of Diplomacy Project as a Senior Fellow.

Our Spotlight in this issue is on Calestous Juma, director of our Science, Technology, and Globalization Project and a world-renowned expert in technology and innovation.

Also we highlight former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who was invited to Harvard for an interview about her diplomatic experiences by the American Secretaries of State Project, a joint initiative of Harvard’s Kennedy School, Business School, and Law School.

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U.S.-Asia Relationships

Security and Global Affairs

Tributes and Transitions

Science, Technology and Innovation

New and Returning Faces at the Belfer Center

Diplomacy and Negotiations

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Summer 2017 Newsletter

Summer 2017 Newsletter
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