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Trump Should Avoid Believing the Myths of the JCPOA

| Nov. 21, 2017

Trump should embrace the fundamental merits—and not be distracted with the myths—of the JCPOA.

President Trump’s recent presidential "decertification" of the nuclear agreement with Iran—the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)—has reignited the debate over its merits. As a result of President Trump's move, Congress is now tasked with determining the critical next steps on whether or not to reimpose sanctions on Iran. Last month, Senator Bob Corker released a statement, calling for a bipartisan effort toward "fixing the Iran deal." These assessments of the Iran nuclear deal as being flawed are centered on two myths: (1) the JCPOA contributed to more aggressive Iranian regional behavior; and (2) the agreement’s sunset clauses diminish its current value....

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