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Trump's Approach to Mexico Could Jeopardize America's Progress Toward Energy Independence

| Sep. 06, 2017

Energy independence has long been America's unrequited love. Every president since Richard Nixon has opined on the dangers of the country's reliance on foreign energy and pledged with equal passion to deliver the U.S. from its evils.

For decades, none succeeded. Yet, in the most unanticipated of ways, America finally seems close to clinching the seduction. Although energy independence in the sense of self-sufficiency continues to be a ways off, America has rapidly moved from a situation of energy duress to one of energy prowess.

The most feasible and least costly form of energy independence is the North American variety.

In this scenario, the U.S. would still import oil, but its needs could be met entirely from Mexico and Canada. America's role as a supplier of natural gas, particularly to Mexico, would increase significantly.

Unfortunately, the current administration's stance toward Mexico could jeopardize the progress that country is making to revive its oil sector, thereby making it harder for the continent to meet all its own energy needs.

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