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The US can help Putin lose the war — for Russia’s future

| April 5, 2022

President Biden has a rare opportunity to hurt Vladimir Putin’s Russia and help Team USA at the same time. He has already announced a humanitarian initiative to allow 100,000 Ukrainian refugees to come to the U.S. As a complement to this program, the administration should create 100,000 special Scientific Freedom visas to attract superstars from Russia to come to the U.S. and show Putin and those who stick with him what free individuals in an open society can create.

In the new reality of a globalized world, talented individuals can vote with their feet to pursue their dreams outside of their home countries. These individuals are the principal drivers of scientific and technical progress, economic growth, and cultural imagination. Thus, keeping their allegiance poses a major challenge for each national government. Unless governments can make living in their societies sufficiently rewarding, their stars will choose to leave for a better life elsewhere.

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