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The U.S.-Russia Initiative to Prevent Nuclear Terrorism Newsletter: December 2016 - March 2017

Graham Allison’s new book urges U.S, China and Russia to cooperate in preventing nuclear terrorism.

Olli Heinonen and William Tobey weigh in on IAEA’s nuclear security conference.

Siegfried S. Hecker calls for rekindling of U.S.-Russian nuclear security cooperation.

Matthew Bunn co-edits a volume on insider threats.


Headlines of the December 2016 – March 2017 issue of the U.S.-Russia Initiative to Prevent Nuclear Terrorism Newsletter.

  • Graham Allison’s New Book Urges U.S, PRC and RF to Prevent Nuclear Terrorism
  • Gary Samore on Iran’s and North Korea’s Nuclear Programs
  • Russian MoD Refutes a Satirical Claim of Loose Nukes
  • UN: North Korea Tried to Sell Material for Developing Miniaturized Nukes
  • U.S.-Russian Space Cooperation as a Model for Nuclear Security
  • FMCT Preparatory Group Meet For the First Time
  • Siegfried S. Hecker: Rekindle U.S.-Russian Nuclear Cooperation
  • Trump Administration Official: Nuclear Terrorist Attack Is “Inevitable”
  • DHS: United States Not Prepared for a Dirty Bomb Attack
  • NTI and CESS on Future of U.S.-Russian Nuclear Cooperation
  • GICNT Meets in India
  • GAO: NNSA Needs to Better Track Outcomes of Its R&D
  • Applied Research Associates Release a Nuclear Security Video Game
  • Sandia Lab Adapts Gaming Hardware for Nuclear Security Training
  • UNSC Urges Prevention of Attacks on Critical Infrastructure
  • More Than 20 Countries Commit to Minimizing Use of HEU
  • George Washington University Selects Inaugural Congressional Nuclear Security Fellows
  • NNSA and FBI Train to Counter Dirty Bomb Attack
  • Allison and Simes: Russia Is Key to Preventing Nuclear Terrorism
  • Bunn and Sagan Edit a Volume on Insider Threats
  • Siegfried Hecker Urges Dialogue on North Korea’s Nuclear Program
  • U.S. and Russian Experts on Combatting Islamic State
  • Heinonen and Tobey on IAEA’s Nuclear Security Conference
  • Belfer Center Experts on Next Steps to Strengthen Nuclear Security
  • SOCOM Assumes a Lead Role in Countering WMD
  • A Nuclear Waste Opened in Russia’s Urals


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