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Ukrainian soldiers walk by the graves of fellow soldiers lined with Ukrainian flags and flower wreaths.

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The War in Ukraine at One Year: Belfer Center Perspectives

Feb. 24, 2023

Marking one year since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Belfer Center this week hosted Ukraine’s Foreign Minister for a discussion of the war and its significance for Ukraine and the world. In this special feature, we include video from Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba’s conversation with the Center’s Eric Rosenbach and Paula Dobriansky. We also include a report card on the war from Graham Allison and Kate Davidson, a policy brief from the Sexual Violence in Conflict project, interviews that highlight perspectives from the people of Ukraine and Russia, and new insights and perspectives from a range of experts on how the war is impacting global order as well as regions and people around the globe.

Image of Ukrainian soldiers in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

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Enabling an Economic Transformation of Ukraine: Recovery, Reconstruction, and Modernization

| Jan. 10, 2023

The aim of the report is to focus specifically on the critical role of private sector investment in Ukraine’s economic reconstruction, and how the private sector, both within Ukraine and internationally, can enable Ukraine to win the peace. It provides a short overview of the economic challenges facing Ukraine, including governance, the sectors that will be critical to Ukraine's reconstruction, the roles and responsibilities for the G7, EU, IFIs, and DFIs, and then recommendations for how Ukraine and its partners can best attract private sector investment.

Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan and President of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev sitting in the Oval Office.

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Presentation - Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

"The Peacemaker: Ronald Reagan, the Cold War, and the World on the Brink"

| Dec. 08, 2022

A conversation hosted by the Woodrow Wilson Center featuring Ambassador Paula J. Dobriansky and Dr. Melvyn Leffler for a discussion on the role that U.S. President Ronald Reagan played in the peaceful end of the Cold War. 

Mssrs Putin and Xi

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Rep. Mike McCaul and Amb. Paula J. Dobriansky on Competing with China and Russia

| Oct. 03, 2022

House Foreign Affairs Committee Ranking Member Mike McCaul (R-TX) and Ambassador Paula J. Dobriansky spoke about how the U.S. can better compete against China and Russia on technology and supply chains. Other topics included making changes to improve the defense industrial base, protecting critical supply chain infrastructure, and preparedness for major events like a pandemic.

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State Department’s Learning Agenda Launch

June 30, 2022

The Learning Agenda is an unprecedented effort by the Department to institutionalize evidence-based learning and implement the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2018 (“Evidence Act”). The Evidence Act requires federal agencies to develop a “learning agenda” – a systematic plan to answer a set of policy-relevant questions critical to achieving the agency’s strategic objectives. It will guide the Department’s efforts over the next four years across eight questions to increase the impact of U.S. foreign policy and bolster the Secretary of State’s modernization efforts.

This event featured a keynote address followed by a panel of foreign policy and evidence-building experts for a thoughtful discussion on addressing Learning Agenda Questions 1 and 2: How can the State Department improve the effectiveness of its diplomatic interventions to better advance foreign policy objectives? How can the Department improve the effectiveness and sustainability of its foreign assistance efforts?

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Remarks for the US-UK Scientific Forum on "Bringing Nature into Decision Making"

| June 17, 2022

Professor John P. Holdren made these remarks at the US-UK Scientific Forum on "Bringing Nature into Decision Making," a joint convening organized by the Royal Society and the National Academy of Sciences, in London, UK, on June 17, 2022.

Ukraine Foreign Minister Kuleba


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A Conversation with Ukraine Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba and Ambassador Paula J. Dobriansky

| May 25, 2022

Ukraine House aimed to unify and inform the response of the global community to Russia’s war on Ukraine. As part of their programming,  Ukraine House brought together high-level government, civic society, and business leaders amplifying the country’s voice. 

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Belfer Center Newsletter Spring 2022

| Spring 2022

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The Belfer Center is not a passive observer of the war in Ukraine. Our community of diplomats, national security analysts, intelligence officials, and generals, along with nuclear, energy, and cyber experts have been working non-stop to advance policy-relevant insights. As you’ll see in our latest newsletter, this is an all-hands effort that shows the distinctive value of the Belfer Center’s multi-faceted research. I have a deep personal connection to this conflict. In the 1990s, I helped dismantle nuclear missile silos in Ukraine as part of the Nunn-Lugar program. That remarkable bipartisan effort grew from important work at the Belfer Center. Amid scenes of brutal destruction in Ukraine today, our mission to advance research, ideas, and leadership for a more secure, peaceful world has never been more urgent. There’s much more in this newsletter about vital work the Center is doing in other critical areas.

Ash Carter


25 Years of U.S.-Romania Strategic Partnership: The Transformative Power of NATO Enlargement

| May 10, 2022

NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoana served as the keynote speaker for this program highlighting 25 years of the U.S-Romania Strategic Partnership. The benefits and challenges of NATO enlargement were explored with a panel of global affairs thought leaders.