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Announcement - International Security Journal, Belfer Center

Remembering Owen Coté

June 14, 2024

Owen R. Coté Jr., who exerted a profound influence on security studies as Co-Editor and later Editor of the Belfer Center journal International Security, died on June 8, 2024. He was 63. Owen was also the Principal Research Scientist and Associate Director of the Security Studies Program (SSP) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

“All of us at the Belfer Center are saddened to learn of the passing of Owen Coté,” said Belfer Center Director Meghan O’Sullivan. “While he was based at MIT, he has been an integral part of our Center through his decades-long work with our signature publication, the journal International Security. Our hearts go out to his family, friends, and colleagues.”

An assault unit commander from the 3rd Assault Brigade who goes by the call sign 'Fedia' raises the Ukrainian flag as a symbol of liberation of the frontline village of Andriivka, Donetsk region, Ukraine, Saturday, Sept. 16, 2023. (AP Photo/Alex Babenko)

AP Photo/Alex Babenko

Paper - Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School

From Stalemate to Settlement

This white paper attempts to apply history to illuminate possible paths forward but is neither a detailed blueprint for peace nor an intricate playbook for how negotiations should proceed. With any negotiated settlement, the devil is in the details, and questions such as the prosecution of war crimes, repatriation of prisoners of war (POWs), reparations, and specific territorial lines will undoubtedly be debated fiercely by Moscow and Kyiv. The specific contours of any deal will be ironed out at the negotiating table. Additionally, significant negotiations are unlikely to take place in the lame-duck period prior to the US presidential election. Our recommendations are therefore not an immediate  call for action but guidelines for policymakers if and when Ukraine decides to negotiate. 

A reporter uses a phone to record Congress Party leader Rahul Gandhi address a press conference.

AP Photo/Altaf Qadri

Analysis & Opinions - The Conversation

Indian Election Was Awash in Deepfakes – But AI Was a Net Positive for Democracy

| June 10, 2024

As India concluded the world’s largest election on June 5, 2024, with over 640 million votes counted, observers could assess how the various parties and factions used artificial intelligence technologies – and what lessons that holds for the rest of the world.

Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall sits in the front cockpit of an X-62A VISTA aircraft

AP/Damian Dovarganes

Journal Article - Australian Journal of International Affairs

AI and the Decision to Go to War: Future Risks and Opportunities

| June 07, 2024

This short article introduces our Special Issue on 'Anticipating the Future of War: AI, Automated Systems, and Resort-to-Force Decision Making'. The authors begin by stepping back and briefly commenting on the current military AI landscape. They then turn to the hitherto largely neglected prospect of AI-driven systems influencing state-level decision making on the resort to force.

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Analysis & Opinions - Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School

Event Debrief: Planning the Mid-Transition for Just and Sustainable Decarbonization

| June 06, 2024

Emily Grubert, Associate Professor of Sustainable Energy Policy and of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences at the University of Notre Dame, discussed the dangers of an unplanned transition from a fossil-based energy system to a zero-carbon energy system during a talk at Harvard Kennedy School.

Leah Stokes

Elizabeth Hanlon/Belfer Center

Analysis & Opinions - Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School

Event Debrief: Why the Inflation Reduction Act Passed

| June 05, 2024

Harvard Kennedy School hosted Leah Stokes, Anton Conk Associate Professor of Environmental Politics at UC Santa Barbara, to discuss how the historic Inflation Reduction Act succeeded where so many previous climate bills failed.

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Journal Article - Brookings Institution

Tunisia Abandons Two-State Solution; Courts Iran, China, and Russia

| June 05, 2024

The war in Gaza has accelerated a major shift in Tunisia’s foreign policy. One of the first Arab countries to advocate for a two-state solution, Tunisia has now abandoned it. That shift has left Tunisia more isolated geopolitically, prompting it to now court Iran, China, and Russia.

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MEI Minute

Oct. 13, 2021

MEI Minute features highlights from the Middle East Initiative. Catch up on our latest events, see what our research community is working on, and learn about new opportunities for students and fellows.


Perspectives on Public Purpose

Aug. 18, 2020

The Perspectives on Public Purpose Blog hosted by the Belfer Center’s Technology and Public Purpose Project (TAPP) offers a platform for TAPP Fellows to synthesize and reflect on matters related to their research projects and issues on tech and public purpose including privacy, safety and security, transparency and accountability, or inclusion. TAPP Fellows are government and industry practitioners who are appointed for a one-year term and are part of a cohort responsible for conducting research and producing a product at the end of the academic year.


Technology and Policy

Technology & Policy offers a platform for exchange of views on matters at the intersection of science, technology and public policy. Principal bloggers are Harvard faculty and Fellows from across the Belfer Center, the Kennedy School, and Harvard University. Each is deeply engaged in research and teaching on the implications for science, society and politics from advances in science and technology, and innovations in the field and lab. The blog is hosted by the Belfer Center’s Science, Technology and Public Policy program, the Kennedy School’s principal center for such policy analysis.

Blog - Views on the Economy and the World

Views on the Economy and the World

A blog by Jeffrey A. Frankel, James W. Harpel Professor of Capital Formation and Growth. Frankel directs the Program in International Finance and Macroeconomics at the National Bureau of Economic Research, where he is also on the Business Cycle Dating Committee, which officially declared the 2001 recession.