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"Future of Afghanistan" Conference Looks at Prospects for Peace Post-2014

Apr. 08, 2013

The Belfer Center's India & South Asia Program and Future of Diplomacy Project and the Harvard South Asia Institute co-sponsored a “Future of Afghanistan” conference on April 4-5 that brought together some of the key actors shaping Afghanistan's transition. Senior officials from the Afghan government, top U.S. diplomats and military figures, and leaders of non-governmental organizations debated prospects for stability, security and economic growth after 2014.

Nicholas Burns (right) addresses the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum on March 11, 2008. Also pictured is Ashton B. Carter, who moderated the event.

Marcus Halevi


Burns Calls for More US Engagement with Iran

  • Shafique Jamal
| Mar. 12, 2008

Nicholas Burns spoke March 11 in the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum, labeling the top challenges facing the world today as global climate change, trafficking in women and children, international drug and crime cartels, and terrorist groups with access to chemical and biological weapons. This last challenge motivated the focus on Iran.